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Please check this new album released by Blind Lemon Pledge

The reviews are in…critics rave about “Evangeline” by Blind Lemon Pledge

Since the release of “Evangeline” in July, music programmers and critics around the globe have discovered the musical treats of this diverse and moving disk.

blind lemon pledge

Here’s just a sample:

* “Starting with the artist’s name, some of what you’ll read here is going to be satirical…With that said, the satire stops once the music starts. These are ten very real, very well written and very well performed songs.

« ”’Evangeline’ is the fourth album by critically acclaimed singer/composer/producer/arranger, multi-instrumentalist and often bizarre yet sometimes genius, Blind Lemon Pledge. It features all original music that includes jump jive, deep blues, New Orleans beats, salsa heat, heart tugging ballads and chain gang chants. As Blind Lemon says, ‘Prepare to take a music journey through the soul of America…

“Heartfelt…I absolutely loved this song…excellent rhythm and some fancy piano…this number is sure to get you going…wonderfully melodic vocals and guitar…profound slide work…real good stuff…” Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro, mary4music / www.mary4music.com/CD63.html#CDBlindLemonPledge1 (US) (Full text at end of this email.)

* “Surprisingly gritty, folky, bluesy, and dirt-wallow authentic, returning the blues back to their earliest days and antecedents…and it becomes a bit surprising that he wrote everything here, traveling with headlong speed from the 2000s back to the 1920s through 60s with gusto, vigor, and a cool-ass backing band bedded down in Louisiana delta swamp, Georgia cotton fields, and New York ghettos… this is a CD I can’t winnow a favorite track from, deeply satisfying from beginning to end, though when I say ‘satisfying’, I mean ‘whiskey bottle, hot ‘n humid, dog-grinning, half naked satisfying’…” Mark S. Tucker, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange / www.acousticmusic.com/fame/p09855.htm (USA)

* “Been spinning this record for 3 days and one thing is for sure; this pool of fine musical talent knows how to get down and dirty with some blues… Blind Lemon Pledge rocks, rolls, jukes, jives, moves, grooves, chills, reflects, and brings back all the core elements of authentic blues and Americana music; the way I’ve always liked it… Evangeline is a masterfully written and composed record…” Joshua Smotherman, Middle Tennessee Music / www.midtnmusic.com/evangeline-american-music-and-the-sounds-of-blind-lemon-pledge/ (US)

* “This is an amazing sound produced by a gifted artist!” http://musicartsmonthly.com/July2014reviews.html (US)

* “A downright delicious plate… A melting pot of tastes and flavors…a variety of music that defies imagination…all credits go to James Byfield himself, by his penetrating way of singing and his great handling of all the threads between the different styles that he demonstrates. A really great job you’ve done here, Mr. Byfield!” www.ctrlaltcountry.be/ (Belgium)

* “A fantastic album, that self-respecting music lover should have… a brilliant masterpiece… a beautiful piece of slide guitar work and is a guaranteed to be listened to many times… stunning album… hard to believe that all ten of the songs that adorn this album are composed by one and the same man… “A Fantastic Singer, An Excellent Guitarist And A Particularly Strong Songwriter! This Is An Awesome Album.” – Luc Meert / www.rootstime.be/CD%20REVIEUW/2014/AUG1/CD62.html (Belgium)

“A beautiful album for lovers of acoustic blues…” Nathan Nörgel , Wasser-Prawda / wasser-prawda.de/platten/blues/blind-lemon-pledge-evangeline (Germany)

Also, FYI, check out these interviews at: http://neufutur.com/2014/08/blind-lemon-pledge-interview/ http://www.midtnmusic.com/interview-with-blind-lemon-pledge/

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