Guitar Recording via the internet

Hi Guys please find some infos and videos here to discover the Chris Arles' guitar touch for Rock, BLues, Funk, Slide, ... Guitar Reocording on Pro Tools 12 via internet.

Equipment provided :

  • Gibson Les Paul Custom 92
  • Fender Stratocaster standard US 90
  • Takamine EN10 93 Folk electro-acoustic guitar
  • National Tricone resonnator guitar for slide playing
  • Mesa Boogie Triaxis Preamp
  • Presonus Eureka Preamp, DBX 576 tube preamp, TLaudio Valve EQ 5013
  • Yamaha REV 500, Aslhy Protee EQ, Lexicon PCM 81 Fx, TC Electronic M2000 Fx
  • Ibanez original TS9 stomp, Jimi Hendrix Wha pedal
  • Studio project T3 Tube Mike, Rode NT2 mike, AKG C5451 Mike
  • SHURE Beta 91, 98, 87, 58, SM 58, BG4.1, ...
  • Mack Book Prpo i7, Avid MBox Pro 3 audio interface, Midas UC1820 Preamp
  • Yamaha HS80M monitors
  • Avid Pro tools 12, Various plugs Ins Avid, Wave, Brainworx, ...

* At extra costs :

  • Many type of  TUBE GUITAR AMPS available : Mesa Boogie, Fender,  Vox,  Laney, Line 6, Axe FX, H&K, ...
  • Analog Preamp and/or Desks : Soundcraft MH4, A&H, ...

You ask for a recording ! How to proceed ? :

  • You send your mixdown (with bpm) by email. With and/or without your own guitar parts in Wave format (16bits44.1Khz up to 24bits192khz max resolution).
  • You give some samples to explain the style of playing you'd like to have.
  • Chris will send you a first take to show the direction.
  • Validate or give a feedback for changes.
  • Go for a proper recording session !  You'll receive a stereo mixdown and the separated tracks with and without FX (revebs, comp, Eqs, ...) so you can import the tracks in your own session for mixing.
  • We send you an invoice with infos for payment by Bank transfert on our bank account.
  • The complete process can be done in 2 or 3 days. depending on the booking.

Video Demo Reel 2016

More videos on this Youtube Playlist :

For price list and details please contact us by mail :

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2 commentaires sur “Guitar Recording via the internet

  1. Hi! I’d be Grateful if you could inform me whether you have audio interface recorder and how much it costs.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Jennifer

      Yep we are driving a recording station on PRO TOOLS with avid audio interface running Protools 11 (2013)

      What do you need to know, the price of our recording solutions or just the price and references of our equipment ? you wanna buy one may be ?

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